I grew up by the sea so the beach has always been a big part of my life. After living in the UK for 10 years, I realised that I desperately missed both the serenity and power of the ocean and being able to see and feel the water every day is something I no longer take for granted. Some people do Yoga, some people meditate - for me I just head to the beach and simply stop, and then I inhale and exhale. It's my happy place. Plus it provides the most unique visual canvas and backdrop for my photography.

No one day is the same. Every new day brings a different colour from the water and sky, and every season presents a different mood. It's where people flock and people laugh. It's a place that can literally wash all of your worries away or a place that fills you with so much joy you can't help but smile. We are so lucky in Australia to be able to live the beach life, and down here on the Mornington Peninsula we are blessed with a truly fabulous beachside lifestyle. Picturesque and bountiful.