Snow Life

I was 19 when I first saw snow. I took 3 rolls of film and every photo was, well simply - white! I was terrible at skiing and decided I hated it and much preferred beach life! My backpacking days then led me to the beautiful Austrian Ski resort of St. Anton and for the first time in my life I was surrounded and immersed in Alpine living, the vastness of the mountains, the beauty of the snow and the most amazing trees. Saltbush and red dust was replaced with snow covered trees - and it was here where my love affair with snow trees began. Life in the snow is colourful and vibrant and fun. Much like the white sands of the beach, the white snow offers the perfect backdrop for all the colour and energy on the mountain. At the beach you see colourful umbrellas and beach towels. In the snow you skis and snow boards and crazy ski clothes. An abundance of colour that literally pops.