People and Portraits

I know selfies are all the rage but they just don’t cut it for Christmas gifts! I get it – most people cringe at the thought of sitting through a painstaking family photo shoot, but let’s be honest, we all enjoy having fabulous photos that show us at our best. Plus we all know how much the Grandparents and rellies would love to unwrap one on Christmas day, all framed and ready to hang on the wall! I promise to take extra care of you all, have a laugh, keep the kids watered and fed (chocolate may be included!) & yes, let’s share some bubbles too.

We can either shoot on location somewhere that is important to you, or we can meet at your home. The session lasts for 2 hours but will be so much fun, it will only feel like 2 minutes. After your fun & fabulous photo-shoot, I spend time & take great care choosing the best 30 images & then individually edit each image to make sure your final printed photographs best reflect your uniqueness & fun personalities (I usually fire off about 300 shots so I promise there will be some good ones). You then get to choose which images to bring to life as a printed photograph – remember those? Every beautiful photograph is professionally printed to the highest quality and promise to last a lifetime.

My lead in package starts at $350 and you get to choose from 2 bundles.

There are many options and you can order more prints direct from my website. If you are looking for something special, I can also organise custom printing and framing option for larger images.