• Splash - Prize winning 'SPLASH' was taken on a stunning summers day from the Dromana Pier. She is a real crowd pleaser and looks amazing BIG!
  • Splash Bath LSU
  • Palm Family
  • Pier-sofa
  • Bondi B
  • Scorcher
  • Reflections
  • Deep Calm
  • Martha
  • Native pop
  • Moody 2
  • The-Cabin
  • Moody Roses blue
  • SB Summer
  • Mton x 2
  • Mist
  • Stylish_sitting_room_with_chaise_lounger_and_lamp
  • Solstice Boxes
  • Home
  • Morn 3
  • Bondi shapes
  • Zebra
  • Bondi Steps

Welcome to Sunshine and Snowglobes. Until now, I called myself the 'constipated photographer' because my life long passion for photography was more like an obsession, clogging up memory cards, hard drives and book cases. Now I am really proud to say it has become my side-hustle small business.

My inspiration comes from the ocean, all things beachy, crazy flowers, peoples faces, life in the snow and majestic trees. Nature throws so much beauty at us and when the landscape is so spectacular, so breathtaking, often a photo does not do it justice. So instead, what I try to do is look beyond the beauty and towards the ordinary and hopefully capture something interesting and unique from the picture perfect scene in front of me. I want to take beautiful photographs that make their way to your home.

  • Coloured Trees
  • Bondi water
  • Bondi wall
  • Orange Trees
  • Painted Boards 1
  • Painted Board 2
  • Icebergs bleed
  • Blue Trees
  • bondi pop fade
  • Badass bedroom

I love learning and experimenting and creating new pieces that are out of my comfort zone and in completely new directions. Being in lockdown for the past few months has forced me to stay at home and work with what I already have - so a lot of these images will be a remix, not for everyone, very colourful and a lot of fun!

  • BrandingJuly small 2 - Collage created using TurboCollage software from www.TurboCollage.com
  • Bons Collage 2
  • Danni Collage

If you need to update your photos, or are going through a complete re-brand, one of the most important finishing touches will be your visual imagery. If you would like more information about my branding sessions and discuss how we can work together so that you and your business will literally SHINE , then click here to READ MORE.


I am currently in my second year of an Advanced Diploma of Photography at PSC in Melbourne. The last few months have meant heavy restrictions to moving around and getting out and about to take photos. This was a bit of a gift actually, as it forced us to be more creative and focus on photographing within our immediate environment. I'm pretty sure my daughters were well and truly over me pointing the camera in their direction, but they allowed me to capture some pretty special images that timestamp what life was like through Covid-19 in our little bubble. Here are some of my photographs that have been selected for the PSC Covid gallery.

'Angst', The gift of isolation with my teenage daughters. I was able to observe the tension, angst, courage and joy as they navigated their way through teenage emotions and COVID-19 reality.