Photographic Art by

My inspiration comes from the ocean, all things beachy, crazy flowers, peoples faces, life in the snow and majestic trees. Nature throws so much beauty at us and when the landscape is so spectacular, so breathtaking, often a photo does not do it justice. So instead, what I try to do is look beyond the beauty and towards the ordinary and hopefully capture something interesting and unique from the picture-perfect scene in front of me. I want to take beautiful photographs that make their way to your home.

As an emerging Photographic Artist, I am always learning & experimenting with my creative practices; adding layers of paint, collage, textures & resin. Growing in confidence to express myself more creatively & share my stories in new & bold directions. I am very passionate about bringing a ‘Female Gaze’ to my stories which are very feminine and empowering in their essence. I hope to reveal emotion, complexity, confidence, vulnerability and power through the many layers in the image.